Thursday, September 1, 2011

Life and How it can catch you off Guard.

I went in not thinking anything would be said just a typical OBGYN appt. I hadn't gone in a long time and I knew I would have to get a mammogram. Ok gonna be 40 so of course that is to be expected. I did have to have a mammogram and oh so much more. I had a lump and the long and the short of it is I was scared but you know what its ok. I had to have a lumpectomy and it came back with nothing! YAY so awesome! Then I got more news. I had hyperdisplaysia. I said what and he said precancerous cells on my cervix and he said they needed to be removed. I said ok and had to have surgery to remove those called a leep. That was scheduled and done. 2 weeks later I went back in and was told by this dear DR he couldn’t get all of the cells and that it meant more extreme measures. I said and that would be…

He said “Hysterectomy, this means no more babies for you.” He looked over his glasses and asked “Do you have any questions?” I said there is not other option he said no not without the risk of getting cancer. I said ok schedule it then and then got my next apt scheduled and got out of that office as fast as I could. I cried as I called Bernie and told him. He cried as well. We were lost what do you do then, other then deal right.  

I did it. I got it done, I was strong, scared and determined I was gonna be ok. We both kinda wanted to have a baby together but we were both ok since we have children already!!!  This was only the begining of a ride that we had only just begun.

I had my Hysterectomy and am 4 weeks out from my surgery.  Today is actually my first day back to work and it feels like I have never left. 

Recovery was painful but not to bad just made me feel pretty whimpy. I did have the procedure done laproscopically so it was a lot easier then it would have been if they had to actually cut into my stomach, like they do when having a c-section.  4 weeks out laughing and coughing are really the only thing that bother me!!! I would have to say its been pretty crazy but I am looking forward to no more periods or pms. I will not be missing those at all!!!

In total in the last 2 months I have had 3 surgeries and Praise God they have found no cancer. I am on my way to recovery and things are going much more positive for my body! YAY!!!