Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cheesy Pepperoni Wraps

Cheesy Pepperoni Eggroll Roll ups
All you need is:
String Cheese
and Eggroll Wrappers ...

Take a sheet of eggroll wrapper and place 3 pieces of pepperoni on it a unwrapped string cheese and then 2 pepperoni's on the top then roll like an egg roll. You could totally do this with won ton wrappers as well but cut the string cheese into 4 and use 1 or 2 pepperoni's and make your own mini pizza bites.

I deep fried mine I think that is the easiest way to make them but hey if you try baking let me know how that works for you...

hint keep a wet paper towel next to you to do the final fold so that corner will adhere to the main part of the wrap so it will stay that way when cooking.

Serve with Marinara or your favorite dip. Ranch was our choice of dipping sauce today! Hope football is awesome for you today!!!

A wedding bouquet for a wonderful friend

Now time to work on the veil for her and she will have an amazing day with added hand made items to make her and her fianc├ęs day all the more special! I love you dear friend you know who you are and I am glad we found the gown and we were able to finish your bouquet!