Saturday, September 29, 2012

While Making Paper Pinecones things took a twist

     I was making paper pine cones with egg shaped styrofoam and my daughter walked by and said that kinda looks like it could be an owl. I thought hmmmmm and the next day I sat down and played with the paper to see what I could come up with.   

This is what I was making they are cute little pinecones if I do say so myself.  

To make these adorable little owls. You need straight pins with no balls on the top (I bought a container of 500 and have almost gone through them all to make 2 pine cones and 3 owls. 
Styrofoam eggs (actual egg size)
4 diffrent colors of paper
Whatever you are gonna make the eyes out off. On the first to I used buttons and straight pins with the colored balls on top the little breast cancer pink one I made with little shiney disks I had laying around.   

All of the paper will need to be cut into 1 inch by 1 inch squares. Then folded like it shows above. With the beak of course you only need 1 square.
The part around the eyes on the brown owls is a total of 4 squares. 2 squares per eye.  

The bottom of the owl the smaller part of the styrofoam egg is where you start pinning the paper this is of the main color of the owl. 4 squares for the start.  

You then to 2 layers of 8 squares each slowly working your way up as shown above.

This is what the first layer of 8 looks like then add the next layer of 8.

Once you have completed the first 2 layers then you start adding the contrasting color that will be the tummy of the owl. 3 squares for this and you then add the base color and you do this just like you did the 1st 2 layers. You do 3 rows like this to make the tummy of the owl.

The beak is just the same 1 inch by 1 inch square folded the same way but you put a crease in the top of the square so that it looks more beak like. Then do one layer of the main color all the way around.

The ears of the owl you are also the main color 1 inch by on inch squares and folded like the beak but place backwards after bending them into a owl ear shape. Then do as close to another row of the main color around the top of the owl. Covering the top of the owl.

For the eyes you make 4 of the folded Squares look like the above and place them on the owl. Then pin the button on as show in the completed picture of the owl.

Then you will have the completed owl. Each Owl will have a little bit different look to it and its own little personality.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Red and Black Bouquet #1 Finished

In previous entries I have shown you a tutorial on how to make these but here is the finished bouquet!