Monday, May 30, 2011

Been going through a lot and am so blessed to have my Nestie Besties!

As most friends and family knew I have had to undergo some fun stuff as of late and my girls. All of my special May Sisters have been a wonderful support. An endless supply of laughs and encouragement every day since I met them. I am very blessed by these amazing group of women. Anyway I could go on and on about them for a really long time.

SO.... they all got together to send me an amazing gift basket/care package which I recieved on Saturday. They made both my hubby and I tear up and made me feel amazing.

Here I am with the basket and looking a little loopy!

In the basket was aromatherapy bath & body stuff
Chocolates, Coffee and a new Mug some of my favorite things

Some books and of course a favorite of the nest Akward family photos

Books and Movies to keep my mind off of things.

Agian ladies I have said this more than once but I will say it agian. Thank you my kindered spirits. Thank you!!!




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