Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIY Canvas Art

My first attempt to make canvas art from a lazer printer copy of a picture. Tutorial on how to do this that I found online. I didn't make this and she did a wonderful job on showing how this is done! She however did this on wood, I made mine on stretched canvas.
First you brush on a thick coat of Acrylic Matt Medium, Then place a copy of a picture from a lazer printer face down on the canvas, Press it down and rub gently to get all wrinkles and air bubbles out then let dry over night.   
The next day spray with a water bottle and spray it down then start to rub the paper off and do this kinda of gently so you don't rub the picture completly off, this will not be perfect but it gives you an awesome vintage look to the pictures.

Once you have completed rubbing off the paper then you want to coat the picture with the Acrylic Matt Medium agian to protect the print and to give it a little bit of shine.
Here are the 2 that I have completed.. They are still drying but I will be doing a few more pics from my wedding and making a little collection on the wall so we can actually enjoy some of the pics from our wedding.

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