Sunday, July 22, 2012

A book made into a purse DIY

 This is what the finished book purse looks like. I picked out books that were at salvation army that were colors that I liked so the book cost be about 75 cents.  

                              This is what it looks like when laying down just like a book!!!!

First thing I did was cut out the pages of the book with a razor cutter. 
 The ribbon we had laying around the house. and the button for the latch on top was just something I had aroud the house. The handle I got at Joannes with a 40% off coupon so that was about 3 bucks. You also need white muslin and some card board (which I forgot to take pics of cutting out). I will add that when I do You set the book at its side at a 45 degree angle and that is how you make the templet for the side for the purse  I did all of the lining with cardboard and muslin. The muslin I had from making a slip for my daughter.

                                  Presto bingo a new purse that cost me about 5 bucks to make.

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