Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Completed Starbucks album

This is what a starbucks paper bag album looks like to me.

7 Starbucks Bags, a graduation from boot camp and a proposal later and bam a album.

1st page of the album you do keep the integrity of the bags the only thing that you take apart is on all but the outside 2 bags you take off the handles.  

The middle of the album

The last page of the album

Then you make inserts and you use the bits of handle that you removed from the bag and make little pulleys to pull the inserts in and out. Since you leave the bag intact you can then place the inserts in the openings of the bag and use the front ad back of the inserts and have even more pictures.

So you can walk around with your starbucks bags and if one didn't look closely they would never know they are recycled bags that you got your delightful scone in that morning.

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