Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pinecone Angels

 Completed Angel
 First I cleaned the pinecones, by soaking them is soapy water, I read you could dry them in your oven at a low temp but I didn't really want to do that so I just set them out and let them dry in the house. Note: when you get them wet they close up and look all tight but as they dry they reopen in some cases better than they were before!

I got a as many little wooden balls from the craft store as I had pinecones. I then painted them with
a flesh tone paint and I got rub on faces to make those little adorable faces as seen below.

I then added curly doll hair to the wooden ball. I found cutting the hair into smaller sections makes it easier to work with.  

You then glue the ball onto the top of the pinecone where the stem was.
then with a paint brush, paint the tips of the pinecone with glue and then roll in glitter. Although my pictures don't show this well they are very sparkly, warning you end up covered in gltter. 

Add a gold loop to the back of the angels neck/head so you have a way to hang it. Then add lace to cover up the the hot glue that fastened the head to the pinecone. Tie a gold ribbon around the neck and add gold star wire in the shape of wings to the back.
Bam a pinecone angel!

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