Sunday, March 13, 2011

Been Gone Along Time!

Ok so here I am thinking now that I am gonna have more time on my hands I am gonna have to start up working on this blog agian. So I will update a little bit. Since October I have had a lot of changes in my life.

1. My oldest by 8 minutes has left the nest and moved off to Oregon which is a bit sad but it was time for her to fly out of the nest and see what life is about. It has been hard on me and I miss her like crazy but there was nothing more I could do she is 18 and needed to test her wings. She is trying to continue with home school through conne.ctions acad.emy and hopefully will still graduate.

2. I stepped down from my position at work so that I could work from home so now I am enjoying my first week at home and realizing I can start baking, cooking & crafting more and this blog will be a reflection of that. I am so happy that I am going to be able to start sharing that with everyone so my mom can see what I am doing. I might even post some of my mom and my sisters stuff on here as we are all crafting fools haha. All using different mediums

3. Jessica is enjoying her relationship with Nesto he has been the love of her life since her freshman year in high school and she is trying to survive her final time as a senior and Loving (note the sarcasm) Algebra 2. She is going to be very happy graduating and having a bit of freedom. I know that when I was her age I couldn't wait until I was free of high school then I felt kinda lost. Like I could start my life but how. I figured it out and I know she will to. She loves me being home now as well.

4. Joanna is still doing well in school and has decided that she wants to try out make up. So I went out and got her the new May.bel.line Line so she could see what it was all about. Wow can't believe my baby is in 7th Grade, 13 and wanting to try makeup. What the heck, how did that happen? Still focused on being a lawyer and doing anything she can to make her transcripts look good so she can do all she wants where she wants in school. Oh how proud I am of her. She is also enjoying me being home.

I hope this finds everyone well and hopefully I will start posting on this a bit more as I start to show all of my crafts and wow in 2 months it will be my 1st wedding anniversary with a wonderful man that God brought into my life at a perfect time to show me how wonderful being the other half of someone is. YAY!!!

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