Tuesday, October 30, 2012

20 Years Old Today!!!!! Happy Birthday Girls

I can't believe its here. I became a mom 20 years ago today at 9:56 am & again at 10:04 am! My life changed forever as you became part of it. I never knew you could love someone so much until you made your appearance. Being born a bit early since you were supposed to be born in December and decided you couldn't wait that long. Funny thing is that is how you have always been ready to go and take on new challenges. Looking through pictures of you growing up I am amazed how fast it has all gone!
20  Years ago you were born and changed my life forever! I can't believe how fast the years flew by!

6 Months Old and already the front page of the local paper.
1st Birthday! That year went by in a blink
Christmas trying to play like grandma.
One of my favorite pictures of you girls...was so sick of people saying you were Mary Kate & Ashley.

Had to add this picture of you with your oldest friend! If it wasn't for that Nursery at the hospital and all the hours I got to hang out there with you. I would have never met June, Ray & Allison. Our  life wouldn't be the same. Happy Birthday to you to Allie!

Made these dresses for you and your dolls that your aunt had made. You both looked beautiful but these dresses were HOT to wear!
Kindergarten Year, You got a baby sister and You all grew up so much this year!

At Dennis the Mennis Park in Monterey always one of my favorite pictures of you!

Dressed up as 50's girls for your play at school in the 3rd grade! You did amazing and looked great!

Trip to you know where!!! You know who Jessicas Favorite is!

Jackie with her favorite!

Notice in the back ground there is a santa hiding. The girls didn't want to take pics at a studio they figured they could get out of it by asking hin to hide! It worked I didn't take them!

Not looking much like little girls anymore!

Jessica going to homecoming  her freshman year and Jackie being a stylist!

Junior Year of High School! 17!

Junior Year Homecoming! With Elsie!

Sept 2010 almost 18 enjoying my birthday at Knott's Berry Farm!

Jackie moved to Oregon and then moved back! Now lives in her own apartment and is working locally

Jessica has had big things happen this year, a proposal from her high school sweetheart. Who has been in our lives since she started school her freshman year. Which of course, she said YES! He is off in Texas right now as that is where the Airforce has lead him thus far and today his is Graduating from Tech School.

August 17th, my little girl ran off to Texas to marry her Airman, her first love so that they could get prepared to go where every the airforce takes them. Big things happening as starting to pull my little girls who aren't so little anymore in different directions!  Who knows what adventures are in store for them. She is always mine but now has given herself over to a wonderful man and the Air Force. 

I love you both Very MUCH my girls and I hope that today and many more days are wonderful and I can't wait to see you smile over your birthday cupcakes. I have a feeling this may be a year of huge adjustments for all of us. I am so proud and excited for the adventures that lay ahead for both of you! My wish for you is that you always stay centered in the Lord and remember He is in control. Trust him and he will guide you.


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