Sunday, October 3, 2010

Amazing Wedding Cakes (Pics)

So on my birthday my darling husband took me on vacation to California.  On my actual birthday he said you know what we could do today we could go to Christopher Garrin's Let them eat cake. From Amazing Wedding Cakes on WE. I was so excited I figured he was kidding!!! But nope we went and it was amazing!!!

This was an amazing trip and We even got to meet Christopher Garren and Margie it was a blast!!!!

The girls as we were walking in! You would never guess where this was. Right off the highway in a business district area.

 I was amazed that Margie came out from the back where she was I am sure creating some wonderful masterpiece.   

 Red Velvet ( My favorite)

Lemon Berry ( Very Yummy as well)

Expresso Cheesecake (So wonderful )

Gotta love our photography here!! I had hubby holding up a sweatshirt behind the counter in our hotel room mini bar. Haha! It was an amazing birthday and he never ceases to amaze me with his suprises. He said the next place we might go visit is to the the Cake Boss in NJ. That would be during the summer of course. A little far for a quick trip like California  is for us!

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