Sunday, October 10, 2010

Christmas Cards in the Making ...Yes I have already started!!!

I have started working on christmas cards already! I still need to finish one of the costumes but other than that I am in the clear. I guess she does need button to close the top but its close to being done. Anyway every year I start making christmas cards about this time so that I can make them all for all of our family n friends. Yes I am a little crazy but I figure it is something that keeps me busy while hubby is watching football!
This guy I just agian started cutting out white ovals and said oh this would make a wonderful snowman so.... this is how it turned out. I liked it so I kept playing with the snowman face.
This is me playing with a new pen I have that writes in glue and special double sided tape that is made for glitter it is so much fun. to find this amazing glue pen that writes like a ball point pen just click on the link!
Another one of my snowmen that I was playing with.

I never know what I am gonna do I just start playing with shapes and colors and things start to develop.

Darlin hubby  hangin out and watching the games while I play with paper! I adore him!!!!