Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Save the Date ...The important dates book

The cover of the Save the Date Book. Hard to believe that this used to be just pieces of cardboard! This is the first thing I have done with chipboard and find it amazing that we can get books bound or do it ourselves with a spiral notebook binding machine!!! 

Each of these little flower petals are a min of 4 little hearts folded in half and glued together to make them appear as petals in these dasiy like flowers. 

I then discovered using chalk to shade each petal. This made my darling husband shake his head once agian when he took me to hob lob to find chalk for shading I love it and think it created an amazing effect 

There is a page for each month to enter those important people & dates in so you won't forget!!!
I love paper. It is one of my favorite things. If  I can figure out a way to create something with paper I will. Bernie encourages this although sometimes he rolls his eyes when I get excited over a project. This project I love because I am forgetful of birthdays n such. I love my family extended and otherwise but remembering birthdays anniversaries n such its pretty amazing to me how quickly I forget the date. Although I do remember the month.  My latest project thanks to scrapin time a local scrapbook store here in Las Vegas. 

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