Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A year of planning and diy weekends and then it happened.....

What a beautiful day it was! It was pefect in all ways and I wouldn't have changed a thing. This is something that has been very popular I have made a couple more since I made this one and this one sold after we got back from the honeymoon.
I made the jewelry for my girls, each got a necklace and braclet and I made myself a bracelet.

Pomanders were the first thing I think I made! They were easy and gave us the pop of color that we needed!

 This was the table to remember the people that were watching us from heaven to celebrate our day and our wish bowl rather then a book to sign in. I am still planning on using these in my scrapbook I will make one day of this amazing day! So many wrote amazing and sweet things!

 Button Corsages that I made for each of the important women that were there to celebrate with us!

The flower girl bucket rather then a basket It was awesome and got lost but it was simple galvanized steel.

The wish bowl tags that I made for everyone to fill out to share their wisdom and wishes for us!
 This is all DIY the flower pots that are dark plue I painted and added ribbon to, The little pots are filled with personlized M & M's  They were coved in glitter and I thought they turned out cute they were for people to munch on and then of course a favor for everyone to take home with chocolates and jordan almonds that Bernie and I love.

I didn't do the cake ok I am not crazy! But the ribbons around the cake I placed each crystal with tweasers. The butterflies were not handmade. They were ordered but I had to reshape almost all of them so I got my hand in that to. They swirl around the cake. Loved this cake!!! As you can kinda see below!

All the prepration was worth it because now we are coming upon our 2 year anniversary!!! We have been through a crazy amount of stuff since then but it has all been worth it because when I look upon my husband I still feel the joy I do when I saw him the first time on May 15th, 2010.  

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